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7k lb GVWR Single Car Hauler Trailer

7k lb GVWR Single Car Hauler Trailer

Pricing is for zip code .
7’x16’ Wood Deck$4,395
7’x18’ Wood Deck$4,495
7’x20’ Wood Deck$4,695
7’x16’ Steel Diamond Plate Deck$5,395
7’x18’ Steel Diamond Plate Deck$5,695
7’x20’ Steel Diamond Plate Deck$5,995
Pricing is for zip code .
7’x16’ Wood Deck$5,895
7’x18’ Wood Deck$5,995
7’x20’ Wood Deck$6,195
7’x16’ Steel Diamond Plate Deck$6,895
7’x18’ Steel Diamond Plate Deck$7,195
7’x20’ Steel Diamond Plate Deck$7,495
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*Add $500 fee for pick up at our stores in North TX, MO and TN.
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Aintbutone Hawk - @aintbutone.hawk



These guys are the best hands down. Mike that's over the service dept. & his guys go above & beyond to satisfy their customers. I've had nothing but exceptional service from these guys. I'd recommend anyone to Texas Pride Trailers. Thanks guys, Hawk.







Jim Taylor



The other companies like to talk about how great their trailers are to tow. But I can tell you Texas Pride is great at that AND they have taken the time to ensure it is ready to work when it is parked. It is the little things like the dual jacks they have that are standard that make a big difference.







Jean Jardins



I called Texas Pride through and ad I found on Google and spoke with Gus. This guy answered all of my questions and totally cracked me up. If you are not familiar you buy factory direct from them and they the pricing is killer. It didn't take me long to order my new trailer.