Texas Pride Medium Dump Trailers: 10 Things Every Buyer Needs to Know


Texas Pride Trailers Medium Dump Trailers range from 14K GVWR to 20K GVWR — with an array of customization options, quick manufacturing time, and unbeatable production quality.

We’re here to answer your questions about the crafting of Texas Pride Trailers and what sets our production apart for unmatched value, fair pricing, and top-notch customer service.

What Makes Texas Pride Trailers Different From Other Trailers?

  • Texas Pride Trailers offers 7,000-9,000 LB axles, providing superior load capacity compared to competitors.
  • Single-piece flared sidewalls increase cubic yard storage, a feature not commonly found in other trailers.
  • A 12K jack by Ram, LED lights, and a 6” channel tongue extending to the front axle.
  • Telescopic lift is a standard feature, while many other companies charge extra for it.

What’s the Typical Production Time for a Texas Pride Trailer?

The average lead time for TPT’s medium dump trailers is 2 weeks, with the welding process taking 1-2 days. The turnaround time for custom builds is a stark contrast to the industry norm of 8-12 weeks.

What is the Production Process for a Dump Trailer?

TPT’s medium dump trailers go through a meticulous 11-step assembly process, including frame building, axle installation, tilting section addition, hydraulic system installation, sidewall and door attachment, optional customization, welding, quality control, hand prepping, painting, wiring, and final inspection.

What Different Jobs Can I Use a Texas Pride Medium Dump Trailer For?

TPT’s medium dump trailers can be customized for various work applications, including demolition, gravel hauling, machinery transport, trash cleanup, and rentals.

What is the Best Lifting System: Dual Ram, Scissor Lift, or Telescopic Lift?

The telescopic lift is far superior. It operates with a power up/gravity down cylinder to save battery power, optimizing leverage since the cylinder is on the front end of the dump trailer. This is unlike the scissor lift or dual ram, which raise the dump body from underneath.

What is the Best Hitch to Choose: Bumper Pull or Gooseneck?

The gooseneck is preferred for better weight distribution and provides a superior turning radius.

What Sidewalls Should I Go With: Straight or Flared?

Both are excellent options. Flared sidewalls offer more cubic yardage, while straight sidewalls are more rigid due to the 3” channel reinforcement.

What is the Barn Door Spreader Gate Used For?

It is used for spreading aggregates such as sand and rock.

What Do I Need for Hauling Equipment in the Medium Dump Trailer?

You will need 6’ steel equipment ramps. We highly recommend going with 12” crossmembers and 3/16” flooring to reinforce your flooring.

What Are Texas Pride Trailer Ramps Rated For?

Our standard ramps are rated at 4,000 LB each. You can upgrade to tubing ramps rated at 7,000 LB each for an additional fee of $100.

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