Making an Impact: The Hobby Ranch


In this episode of Making An Impact, we travel to Killeen, Texas to award one of our 20,000lb Dump Trailers to two incredible people who have served and continue to serve our country. You last saw this trailer in the Big Truck Big RV Torture Test and now it’s found a new home on a hobby ranch.

Mark and LeAnn are two extraordinary people who met when they were stationed at Fort Bragg. Now, they devote their efforts and equipment to help fellow service members in need. The pair also run a hobby ranch, which will put this Dump Trailer through a different kind of torture test: horse poop. Over 100 pounds per day!

Enjoy this very special episode of Making An Impact as we welcome the Cuatt Family to the Texas Pride Trailers family. A tremendous shout out to JD for making this opportunity possible.

Full Transcript

Making an Impact | The Hobby Ranch

Walter 00:03
Hi, this is Walter from Texas Pride Trailers. It was like six months ago you entered a contest to win a dump trailer. Does that ring a bell?

Leanne 00:12
I did! Yes, it does.

Walter 00:14
I’m going to tell you you won!

Leanne 00:16
Oh my God, my husband is going to be so surprised! That is awesome! I’m Leanne and this is Riley and we are receiving a Texas Pride dump trailer for my husband, Mark. I may be biased, but my husband is the best husband in the world. When we met, we were stationed at Fort Bragg, we were both dual military at the time. And we met, we got married, I went to flight school. And then after flight school, he put in his retirement package just so that he could stay with me, and stay with the family and everything. And he has done nothing but support me. We have a small hobby ranch right outside of Fort Hood. We’ve done a lot of clearing out here. And every time we have to haul off all the trimmings, we either have to borrow our friend’s dump truck, or we have to load it on a flatbed. So this trailer is gonna be a huge help to us. It’s going to help us with hauling sand, we have to bring in road aggregate to build up the roads on our little ranch. Also, we’re gonna do pipe fencing, so we’re really excited for the dump trailer because now we can go pick up pipe fencing and just dump it here it’s a lot easier to to unload. And also for hauling away muck, actually.

Riley 01:53
Muck his horse poop.

Leanne 01:55
One horse will poop over 50 pounds a day. That’s 100 pounds of poo a day for our two horses to haul it off to the dump. And you know, it doesn’t have any hazard you know, for the environment and the city and whatnot.

Ben 02:16
Texas Pride Trailers road trip.

Zach 02:19
Let’s do it.

Adam 02:19
Let’s do this.

Ben 02:33
Good morning! Hello, it’s Ben from Texas Pride trailers. I hear that you’re with your daughter right now. Is that right?

Leanne 02:39
Yep. Say hi, Ri.

Riley 02:41

Ben 02:42
How excited are you all about this trailer? Oh, we’re super excited.

Leanne 02:46
Riley’s known the whole time too, so she’s been having to keep a secret.

Ben 02:51
Riley has that been difficult to keep a secret?

Riley 02:55

Ben 02:56
We don’t think that he suspects anything, do we?

Leanne 02:58
I don’t know because we haven’t said anything to him, but like even to this day, he’s like, “Oh, I really thought we were gonna win.”

Ben 03:08
We are all super excited to see what his reaction is going to be like

Leanne 03:12
All right, well we’ll see you guys there then. We’re super excited.

Ben 03:15
We are too, see you soon. About an hour away from Killeen. Adam, what are your thoughts about the situation right now? Feeling good?

Adam 03:27
I’m getting a little bit car sick.

Ben 03:30
Oh, boy.

Zach 03:31
Yeah! That’s a big boy.

Ben 03:32
That’s a chunker right there. Nice to meet you, I’m Ben.

Leanne 03:53
Hi I’m Lea.

Ben 03:54

Leanne 03:54
This is Riley. This is so bizarre.

Ben 04:03
Is it crazy?

Leanne 04:04
It’s so crazy. It’s like surreal. You guys called me and everything but it’s different when it’s actually here.

Ben 04:10

Leanne 04:10
We can, uh, hide the trailer behind this. We give him some excuse to kind of come running back here or whatever. He probably won’t run because he just had surgery. All right, give it a few more turns. I think we’re good. So first, I thought we were gonna tell them maybe that one of the horses got out while we were trying to load them but we’ve been out here a while so I don’t know if that’s…

Riley 04:40
Maybe we should say that we popped a tire because we had to come back and get something because we forgot the saddle or…

Mark 04:50

Leanne 04:56
I have a problem. I was wondering if you could come help me. You know how you told me to go change the tire on the, er, get the tire fixed on the truck yesterday?

Mark 05:06

Leanne 05:07
Well, I didn’t do it and that tire is flat now. Do you think you could just come and help us? Like I know you can’t do much. You just got out of surgery but

Mark 05:17

Leanne 05:18
So you coming now?

Mark 05:20
Yeah. I’m coming now, I love you.

Leanne 05:22
I love you too.

Mark 05:25
Love you, bye.

Riley 05:25
Love you.

Leanne 05:28
He probably don’t suspect anything. I think it was good. We stayed low key with it, you know, like, like otherwise if we like made up some elaborate story then he might have gone “what!” I can I can stand over there and just kind of wave him on or something and Riley will open the gate for him. Leave it running.

Riley 05:46
He’s here!

Leanne 05:56
I’m sorry.

Mark 05:57
Nah, it’s okay.

Leanne 06:00
I know you told me to get it switched yesterday and I didn’t.

Mark 06:03
Looks good to me.

Leanne 06:08
No, it’s flat.

Riley 06:10
Daddy, c’mere!

Mark 06:11
What are you talking about?

Riley 06:12

Mark 06:17
Oh my god.

Leanne 06:19
You remember that competition that we sent in the video for?

Mark 06:24

Leanne 06:25
You know how you knew in your heart? You knew it in your heart that we were gonna win?

Mark 06:25
Oh my God. Yeah.

Leanne 06:30
We won. (Laughs) What do you think? Love you. Here it is!

Mark 06:49
Can’t believe it. This is an amazing day. Oh my God. Isn’t this cool? Yeah, it’s unbelievable. It’s all mine, now.

Leanne 06:59
Yeah, well, mine, too. What’s yours is mine, right?

Mark 07:02
I love the toolbox. Yeah, of course. I’ve always been a fan of new technology, so the telescopic has always caught my eye. Well I looked at a lot of trailers on YouTube, I did a lot of research. And Texas Pride reputation far exceeds the Texas borders. I mean, and if you look at them, they’re just overbuilt, you know, and I didn’t think I would be able to ever have one. This is to the engineers and more so to the welders laying them good beads. This trailer is amazing. And we all know it’s all about the welders. So (laughs). I love it. Having the dump trailer, it’s a real substantial item, you know, and it’s something special. It’s truly something amazing.

Leanne 08:14
We work a lot with Hoofbeats For Heroes, which is a nonprofit, they run a ranch where they cater to military personnel with PTSD. We volunteer a lot of our time and equipment. We definitely definitely are gonna help out with that stuff now that we have our own trailer.

Mark 08:34
We won!

Leanne 08:34
We won, hey!