Jeremy Formato: An Unhitched Interview. A Beast on and off the Track.

Jeremy Formato, the badass dude who takes any and all cars to create beasts through some serious modifications. A Smart Car that can beat all comers on the ¼ mile. Heck yeah! It’s no wonder he has over 350,000 subscribers.

In this Unhitched interview, Jeremy discusses where the name “Fasterproms” comes from, and how he got his start in the automotive industry. This personal discussion brings you a new perspective on your favorite gearhead. Not to mention that talking with him about his dad, his cars, and his pack of Golden Retrievers was just a lot of fun.

Enjoy this unique interview with a man who is a force to be reckoned with- on and off the racetrack. A giant thank you to Jeremy for sitting down with us, and for coming to visit us at Texas Pride Trailers HQ.

Full Transcript

Jeremy Formato: An Unhitched Interview. A Beast on and off the Track.

Jeremy 00:00

My name is Jeremy Formato with Fasterproms and I’ve been doing YouTube for about 27 months or so. But I’ve been doing tuning for about 20 years.

Walter 00:21

What exactly is Fasterproms?

Jeremy 00:23

Yeah, it’s a weird kind of archaic name, I will say that. Prom is synonymous with a chip. So it’s basically the engine management or the chip of the car. So we program the brains of the car. Back in the day before fuel injection, you had carburetors, and this is the largest step going from carburetors to fuel injection. And my father was at the forefront of that, if you bought a package through some of these larger companies, he was the guy that was providing the programming so that the car would go faster. Are you ready to make some power? I was going through high school, my father always had health problems. He passed away right as I got out of high school, so I was kind of like, I think I’m gonna do this. I went to college a couple years. And it’s like, you know what, this is really not for me, I need to do-I’d be a fool not to take advantage of this business. My kind of graduation president was a 1985 Corvette. It was just kind of a turd so that’s kind of why we got it, was to learn the farmers cut and try. A lot of failures and then that’s where we kind of came from really, and it’s been just an absolutely insane journey. It’s been awesome I’ve met a lot of fantastic people and learned some tremendous stuff too. To say that it’s a Honda and does a wheel stand to me is like, that’s so weird.

Walter 02:06

So what is your favorite car to drive?

Jeremy 02:09

I’ve been so blessed to drive so many different cars. The McLaren 720S is probably in my opinion one of the best. It’s just an amazing vehicle all around. It’s-it is probably one of the fastest cars but it does everything. But even then it’s like if you-if you understand what that sensation is like as fast as that is in a $400,000 car, it’s still entry level go-kart. It’s been a crazy crazy year and you know there’s been so much stuff that we haven’t been able to do. Hey George what are we do down here?

George 02:52

Puttin’ our front driveshaft in, man. Gonna do some all wheel drive burnouts…hopefully.

Jeremy 02:58

Today is the day George.

George 03:00

It is the day!

Jeremy 03:01

Finally the day. I want to double my efforts down. Guys it’s a blue moon I’m working on something. This will be able to go to more events, be able to do more things while we’re traveling.


Nah nah nah nah nah, introducing the Balding Eagle.


Alright watch out, I’m gonna try and bog it.

Jeremy 03:59

Oh, wow. Keep the momentum. Oh man, dude that is bad. That’s really bad. Holy moly. Dude that’s like-that’s like three or four inches.


That’s like go get a tractor bad.

Jeremy 04:14

Oh, dude, that is so nice, dude! Oh, that is nice. That is so much nicer than I ever would have expected too. Oh my gosh, dude. Seriously? That is awesome, man. You guys-you guys seriously knocked it out. That is so cool.

Cedrick 04:29

This is definitely one of a kind.

Jeremy 04:30

Oh my gosh, man. The color came out beautiful. I love the custom touches here of the Fasterproms, that is so cool. Perforated holes right there for different areas for locking around the cars. These guys right here, that’s brilliant too, because we’re gonna be able to hold down so many more things like a stack of tires and four wheelers and you know, or smart cars, different oddities, not just your normal sized car. I think that this is-it’s brilliant. And I mean it came out absolutely gorgeous. And I mean the drive over fenders, I didn’t even ask for that but that’s there. There was just so many things that I hadn’t thought of, and then you guys just took that and made it so much better. I absolutely love it. Oh, there it is, hell yeah. Juan and David, thank you guys so very much this is going to get a lot of love and I know you guys absolutely poured a lot of love into it. So thank you guys so very much. This is an awesome piece of craftsmanship. It’s definitely something to be proud of, so thank you guys.

Walter 05:32

That is awesome. Okay, now a quick right turn. You’ve got a lot of jobs. So what’s the deal with the Golden Retrievers?

Jeremy 05:40

Okay. Yeah, that is a-well… Alright, so we have seven golden retrievers. It’s always interesting. There’s a lot of stuff but I absolutely love them. Oh, where’s that coming from? They’re a true joy. Never ever, a dull moment. Smithers, release the hounds! Norman, what are you doing? I told you not to tune these customers’ cars. Do you remember what happened last time? Bad, bad, bad dog.

Chris 01:46
That is correct. Only one trailer can do it all.