Behind The Steel: Welders Juan and David


“From day one, we just clicked.” – David; Texas Pride Trailers Welder

Today’s episode of “Behind the Steel” takes you behind the masks of two of our incredible welders. Juan and David have been working together for three years, and have built more than 600 trailers in that time. Here’s a glimpse of what goes into making our Two Car Haulers.

And thanks to all our craftsmen like Juan and David, these trailers are built to take on the toughest work you can throw at them.

Full Transcript

Behind the Steel: Welders Juan and David

Juan 00:02

I was a ranch hand before. I used to work in a ranch. You know when I turned 18, you know, I wanted a real job.

David 00:12

I was in West, Texas, the pipeline in West, Texas. I was gone all the time so this is a good place to be home. Good job to have, make good money. I’m home every night, that’s why I came here.

Juan 00:30

My brother taught me how to weld and I started learning how to build small trailers. I’ve been doing it for three years, you know, I love it.

David 00:41

I’ve been building since I was a kid. My grandpa taught me how to weld when I was young, something natural to me, I feel like I’m really good at. I’ve just been doing it my whole life.

Juan 00:59

It’s different every day, not the same thing every day. You know, that’s what I like about it. You don’t get bored of it. The two car, you start from the frame from a three by eight. And underneath is a two by three. You got cross members at three by eight, too, at every eight foot.

David 01:28

We build it make sure our welds are on point. So when it’s painted, there’s no blemishes or anything like that.

Juan 01:38

He keeps me in line and everything. Good guy, good partner.

David 01:45

From day one, we just clicked. He’s young so he can move fast. He can pick up heavy things. I mean, he’s quick, he’s a good learner, quick learner.

Juan 02:06

It’s rewarding when you take pride in my work .

David 02:11

Seeing a trailer roll out, build another one.