Behind the Scenes: Fasterproms, Jeremy Formato

“Sandblasting, prime, paint: everyone has a hand in this trailer.” -Cedrick Brice, Sales Consultant

Take a ride with Texas Pride Trailers and Jeremy Formato for a closer look at how Jeremy’s custom 30K 2 Car Hauler gets built at our old-school manufacturing facility. From the 24″ diamond plate perforated flooring to the 14ga heavy duty steel tread plate fenders, the Fasterproms trailer is one insane piece of equipment.

After you see the incredible work that the craftsmen and women did, watch Jeremy absolutely destroy Owner Jim Bray’s 840HP Dodge Demon.

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Behind the Scenes: Fasterproms, Jeremy Formato

Jeremy 00:10

Guys, my trailer has been beat. It needs a lot of love. I sought out Texas Pride and they built the perfect custom trailer for exactly what I need. Production building here this for like the larger trailers, this is where it all starts.


Life threatening flash flooding is ongoing right now with Sally along the Florida and Alabama coast.

Jeremy 01:45

We are literally driving through a hurricane in order to make this trip. Look at the flooding, it’s crazy. As we arrive at Texas Pride, I’m super anxious to see the trailer built. But first we’re gonna check out the whole process of what my trailer went through just days before.

Joel Sr. 02:19

A lot of moving parts out here.

Jeremy 02:21

It’s impressive. That’s an impressive break though. That’s got to be like one of the biggest ones I’ve ever seen. And these guys definitely work together really well. All right, I’m starting to see it now.

Joel Sr. 02:49

It’s a CNC operated plasma machine. The machines write the programs for you, it calculates the best way to lay the parts in there so you’re not wasting a bunch of material.

Jeremy 03:00

I’m a junkie for efficiency.

Joel Sr. 03:08

As you see we’ve got a lot of raw stock everywhere.

Jeremy 03:11

Yeah, I do. Alright, so we’re making a bearing and a bushing and we’re taking a three quarter and going to a one and sixteenths. World War Two era stuff sitting here and you said it runs about 10-12 hours a day, still kicking, really strong, every single day is so cool. Definitely exceeded expectations so far. I mean, this is a very large facility you guys make so many more trailers than I realized.

Joel Sr. 03:41

We’ll head over to one of the production shops. This is the bay your your trailer was built in. They probably produce about a trailer about every hour, hour and a half.

Jeremy 03:58

It’s a very, very impressive process. I am so ridiculously excited. I have not even seen this trailer yet. We’ve-everything has led up to this. All right guys. I can’t wait to see this. Oh dude, that is so nice. Oh that is nice. That is so much nicer than I ever would have expected too. That is awesome, man. You guys, you guys seriously knocked it out. That is so cool.

Cedrick 04:35

This is a one of a kind Texas Pride build and we are excited about it. So let’s start from the front here. And as you can see you opted to go with a pintle hitch. We put it on a flat plate here on a 12 inch channel and the reason we did that is this trailer will be rated for 30,000 GVWR. So this is a bumper pull two car hauler. It is 102 wide with drivable fenders. This trailer was custom built. We have the perforated floor, the holes in the floors for the soft tie system so that you’re allowed to tie wheel straps down on a car really anywhere on this deck.

Jeremy 05:09

I really liked that.

Cedrick 05:10

We did the custom four foot plates for you, still stuck with the perforated floors.

Jeremy 05:14

Yes, yes!

Cedrick 05:14

We did it in the front, the middle, the back.

Jeremy 05:18

There was a lot of thought put into this and these guys took it-a whole nother level for sure. You chose the nine thousand pound axles, those are direct lube axles. Dude that is so nice! Oh, there it is! Hell yeah! We were waiting to get to the logo, now. That is awesome.

Cedrick 05:37

So we did have a Fasterproms put in, hope that stands out at all all the tracks for you.

Jeremy 05:42

That’s cool. And the ramps slide out the back. Oh my Lord.

Cedrick 05:50

And they will be placed there.

Jeremy 05:52

Never even had a wheel that looks that good. That is so awesome.

Cedrick 05:54

The Alcoa wheels are extremely nice.

Jeremy 05:59

That really pops right there.

Cedrick 06:01

This is a your toolbox here. You have some wheel straps here which I mentioned to you earlier just in case you needed to pick something up on the way home. Not the demon now, we’re talking about the Smart car.

Jeremy 06:16

So Jeremy, what do you think? You’ve taken the tour, you’ve seen the start to finish. It’s everything and more that honestly like it’s…

Cedrick 06:24

Good, that’s what we like to hear.

Jeremy 06:25

It really is. So thank you so much. I mean, I honestly can’t believe it. I didn’t ever expect it to look this good.

Cedrick 06:32

That is a great compliment on the company. Also to the guys that took the time and the pride of building this trailer. Each and every weld stitch, as you’ve seen.

Jeremy 06:40


Cedrick 06:41

Sandblast and prime paint. Everybody has a hand in this trailer.


I think he likes it.

Jeremy 06:53

And now comes the most fun part.