All About Trailers: Dump Trailer vs. Roll Offs

Hauling construction and other solid waste is a good use of a dump trailer. But if your needs call for 3 or more dump trailers, you have another option to consider, the Roll Off trailer. In this episode of All About Trailers, Chris Dominguez walks you through some of the advantages of the Roll Off Trailer and how it can bring added flexibility and efficiency to your business. It could be the one trailer that does it all!

All About Trailers brings you insider and customer information to help you make an informed decision before you buy your next trailer. We cover configurations, use, options, advice from contractors and business owners and more to educate you All About Trailers.

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All About Trailers: Dump Trailer vs. Roll Offs

Chris 00:03
My name is Chris Dominguez or Christian Dominguez. I am a sales rep at Texas Pride Trailers. I’ve been here for five years now, two years plus welding, building trailers actually.

Walter 00:13
Oh, so you actually built the trailers?

Chris 00:15
Yes sir. I built all tpes of trailers and then I’ve been selling trailers since then. So I’ve been here a total of five, little over five years now.

Walter 00:21
That’s one of the cool things about you know, when somebody calls here to buy a trailer, you guys actually know the trailers inside out.

Chris 00:26
It does help out, especially when you when you build them and know more about the process. It does help a lot. I mean, I had answered so many questions, small details, what makes a customer choose Texas Pride and of course, customer service, how it’s handled.

Walter 00:40
That’s awesome. But you know a customer who’s doing, say, waste hauling, especially like from a construction site or something like that. They may call you wanting to buy maybe 2, 3, 4 dump trailers, not realizing that they actually have another option, right?

Chris 00:52
That is correct. And that’d be the roll off trailer with containers. We have any size from 12 to 20. And as soon as customers tell me, “Hey, Chris, I have two trailers going here, one trailer coming over here,” that’s when I bring up the point about the roll off package. I let them know you have one driver, one truck doing everything and also it’ll be less maintenance worrying about four different trailers instead of just one trailer. So once they hear that and it sounds so beneficial, then that’s when they make that change to the roll off trailer and then from there they just buy cans, cans, cans.

Walter 01:27
And that gives them a lot of flexibility too, right? They can actually like buy one trailer and have multiple sized cans, right?

Chris 01:32
That is correct. Of course you know you can’t go bigger than what the trailer can haul but you can have multiple you know you can have at least three options on any trailer, for sure.

Walter 01:41
Wow. So what we learned so insetead of multiple drivers, multiple trailers, we got one trailer with a bunch of cans.

Chris 01:46
That is correct. Only one trailer can do it all.