A Father’s Day Surprise. A Brand New Dump Trailer!


In February of 2020, JD from Big Truck Big RV wanted to find out just how much abuse our 20,000 GVWR Dump Trailers could handle. So we staged a torture test to overload three of them, each with a different lifting system. As you’ll see in the video, one of our trailers was up to a 50,000 pound load before we stopped the test for safety reasons.

When the test was over, Texas Pride owner Jim Bray said “We don’t sell used trailers and these are now used, let’s fix them up and give them away.”

That announcement resulted in hundreds of submissions with stories from all over the country to tell us why folks needed a dump trailer. There was one submission that stood out above the rest.

Matthew Sanders from Georgia.

His story was not only compelling, it was the way he told it. Essentially becoming a ninja to secretly get information from his father to share the whole story.

Most importantly, if he won, Matthew wanted to surprise his father with the trailer. Well not only did Matthew win, but we were able to deliver the trailer the week after Father’s Day for quite possibly the best Father’s Day surprise ever. Even more exciting than the first grandchild. Watch the full story below.

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Full Transcript

Walter 0:00
Hey, folks, I’m Walter new with Texas Pride Trailers. Y’all know Kiefer, All About Trailers.

Kiefer 0:04
Hey, guys, what’s going on?

Walter 0:06
So it seems like so long ago. We made a huge announcement with Big Truck Big RV, All About Trailers, giving away a trailer.

Kiefer 0:14
Giving away three trailers.

Walter 0:15
Three trailers, not just one but three. And guess what? The first day is finally here.

Kiefer 0:20
It is arrived.

Walter 0:21
We’re giving it to Matthew. He’s in Georgia. He did such a great job telling us an awesome story about his dad and the company. And not only that, he was really sneaky with it.

Kiefer 0:31
Oh, dude, he was a ninja.

Walter 0:32
He was a ninja. Check it out.

Matthew 0:35
The reason I’m being quiet right now is my dad’s in the next room, and he’s the owner of the company. If I, if we do win this, I’d like to surprise him with the trailer. I think that would be an awesome surprise. But the reason I think we need a trailer, like a dump trailer is we all kinds of work. We have a small company. It’s just me and my brother and my dad. My dad’s the founder of it. The reason we had to go on our own is because the company we were with before

Matthew 0:59
my dad was with the owner of that company, another small company a little bit bigger. But he was with him for about 20 years before he had to go out on our own because the owner of that company had a stroke, and the owner’s wife took over the company and ended up not paying my dad for a lot of stuff like tens of thousands of dollars. In fact, he’s right there and I want to ask him real quick while hiding it.

Matthew 1:04
Hey, dad. Zombieland?

Matthew 1:33
I don’t want to bring you up a heart attack or raise your blood pressure by saying the name I know. But do you recall the exact amount (bleep) owed you?

Denny 1:43

Matthew 1:46
$36,637. Wow. I was just curious. I wanted to know if you remember the number or not.

Denny 2:00

Denny 2:03
What for?

Denny 2:07
Why’d you want to know that? Who are you texting?

Matthew 2:09
I’m not texting anybody.

Denny 2:13

Denny 2:14

Matthew 2:16
I’ll tell you later.

Matthew 2:21
And there you have it. And he’s probably coming in here any minute to interrogate me more about this. So I’m gonna end the video there.

Walter 2:28
Hey, Matthew, there it is right there, buddy. That’s your trailer. We’re gonna get the rocks sprayed out of it. You know it got scraped up. This thing got beat up. You saw that in the video.

Walter 2:41
So, hey, Mr. Matthew, we got this thing polished up. We got it washed. We even got some paint touched up on it. We’re ready to bring this thing to you and your dad. There’s only one thing left to do. Let’s hitch this up and get it out of here. Come on. Let’s go help this guy.

Ace 2:56
We might as well. He’s gonna tear something up.

Walter 3:00
Yeah, and I don’t think Matthew wants a torn up trailer, so let’s see what happens. This is going to be fun.

Kiefer 3:07
But the best part of this is going to be the look on Matthew’s face when he realizes this is happening. The trailer is here for his dad. And it’s it’s gonna be a wow factor for all of us.

Walter 3:18
You know, Mother Nature’s not not having some fun with us today, but actually, I think she is having fun with us today.

Kiefer 3:24
Yeah, she’s poking the bear.

Kiefer 3:26
All right. All right. Drop ‘er down. Drop ‘er down. Drop ‘er down. Drop ‘er down.

Kiefer 3:31
Well, guys, it has been a great trip. Matthew, we’re excited to meet you here in a few hours. That guy’s about to pull the trailer up. We’re gonna load up and head to you, man.

Walter 3:38
Yeah. Whoo. There it is. Welcome to Georgia guys. Whoo.

Kiefer 3:44
Yeah, need some peaches.

Kiefer 3:46
Hey, Kiefer, when did you guys announced this?

Kiefer 3:49
Big Truck Big RV, JD on that channel, he announced this about three months ago. It’s been three, a good three months of waiting for this.

Walter 3:56
Three months of waiting, and we are three minutes from meeting Matthew.

Ben 4:03
Quarter mile!

Walter 4:04
You hear that people?

Kiefer 4:06
Oh my goodness. I knew I was gonna be excited. I didn’t know I was gonna be this excited. This is so friggin’ awesome. Your destination is on the left. Oh, yeah, Matthew. Here we come.

Ben 4:16
How’s it going?

Matthew 4:17
Pretty good. Pretty good. How’s your ride?

Ben 4:19
You psyched?

Matthew 4:19
I am. I am. We’re gonna try to back it in the tray- or back it in the warehouse, if it’ll fit. Call him over here, and lift the doors. Let him see it. Alright, turn left a little.

Walter 4:31
Turn left?

Matthew 4:33
Yes, sir.

Matthew 4:41

Walter 4:42
Dude, that was teamwork and a half. And you got that on film? Right? Please tell me you got that on film. We’re getting our truck unhitched. Got the, we got the trailer inside the garage. We’re gonna close the door. And then Matthew is gonna tell his dad, “Hey, we need some help over here.” We’re almost ready.

Ben 4:59
Standby. Ready to roll?

Kiefer 5:02

Ben 5:02
Roll camera. Go ahead and close the door.

Walter 5:05
We call this a ruse. So basically what we’re setting up right now is, we’re going to call dad. And they’re going to tell him that Ryan drove a forklift through the wall of this warehouse. When dad drives up, he’s going to see cameramen interviewing Ryan and going, “Oh, my God, er, Matthew and figure out what happened. So this is the ruse, and this is what it takes to set that up.

Matthew 5:25
Hey, we were getting ready to leave, and then Ryan was texting and forklifting. And he, he backed into the- right where the door is that so

Denny 5:34
He backed into what!?

Matthew 5:36
Right where the door is. He backed into the, backed into the door with the forklift.

Walter 5:41
So we called that about 10 minutes ago.

Walter 5:44
How’s the anticipation factor?

Matthew 5:46
I’m waiting for the white truck to turn around that corner.

Matthew 5:49
Yeah, yeah. So way, way back there. There’s some trees, and we’re watching through those trees for dad’s truck. So, yeah. So what do you think is gonna happen when we open this door?

Matthew 5:58
Ah, he’s, he’s like, I am his son. I don’t show much excitement.

Walter 6:05
Ryan, you’re kind of being quiet over here. So I’m gonna swing over. This is Ryan. This is Matthew’s brother. Did he tell you what he did he tell you anything about the video?

Ryan 6:14
Um, I really didn’t know until after he had even found out. I didn’t know he did any video or anything.

Walter 6:20
Really? What do you think’s gonna happen when we open the door?

Ryan 6:24
Um, I think he’s gonna raise his eyebrows for sure.

Walter 6:28
So we’re looking for eyebrows raised is what we’re looking for.

Matthew 6:30
Jaw down, eyebrows up.

Walter 6:32
All right, Matthew. Is that him?

Matthew 6:34
Yes, sir. That is him.

Walter 6:35
That is him. This is the moment we’ve been waiting for, folks. We drove thirteen hours. Here comes dad, better known as Denny.

Matthew 6:40
Yup, Denny, like the restaurant.

Walter 6:43
Are you Denny? Hi. I’m Walter. Nice to meet you. I’m from Texas. First of all, Ryan didn’t hit the building. So you’re okay. Okay. This guy entered a contest actually and told us a great story about you and your business.

Matthew 7:03
I submitted a video, probably February wasn’t it?

Walter 7:07
It was in February, yes.

Matthew 7:09
And told him a little bit of backstory about the birth of the Cornerstone Equipment. Just you, me, Ryan, small company, and it was a contest to win something.

Walter 7:20
And I, we think it’s rather cool that it’s the week after Father’s Day. So, Matthew, why don’t you show him what you did?

Matthew 7:26
Sure thing.

Matthew 7:30
Happy late Father’s Day.

Denny 7:34
Oh, wow. Holy moly.

Walter 7:42
Surprise, Dad!

Denny 7:43
That is huge.

Matthew 7:50
So big don’t know where to start.

Denny 7:54
How’d you get it in here?

Matthew 7:55

Walter 7:56
We did a torture test a few months ago with JD at Big Truck Big RV, and this one held over 30,000 pounds of material in the test.

Denny 8:06
No kidding.

Matthew 8:06
Yeah, and this is the same one we cleaned it up. We touched it up. You’ll see all the scratches are still inside from the test, but we cleaned up the whole outside for you, so you’ve got yourself a brand new dump trailer.

Denny 8:24
This thing is a beast.

Walter 8:29
We’ll have Matthew show you the test. This is a scissor lift.

Denny 8:32
A scissor lift?

Matthew 8:33
Yeah, the scissor jack is up front. It’ll dump.

Denny 8:35
Oh, this is a dump bed?

Walter 8:36
It’s a dump bed. It’s a dump trailer, man.

Denny 8:38
Oh, wow!

Walter 8:39
We got you the real thing. Of course it’s quick.

Denny 8:43
Not bad at all. I wish I could go all the way up.

Matthew 8:46
That is really cool.

Denny 8:47
I gotta go look at it.

Denny 8:50
Look at how massive that frame is right here.

Denny 8:53
Double six inch. I-beam. That’s, that’s bigger than 18-wheeler frames.

Matthew 8:58
It stood up to 30,000 pounds.

Denny 9:00
Those are the beefiest axles I think I’ve ever seen. Look at the leaf spring and the shackle system.

Matthew 9:06
I don’t know if we’re ever gonna be able to max it out.

JD 9:08
So, Denny, what do you think of your new trailer?

Denny 9:11
I have not found a word to put on it just yet, JD. Thank you so much.

JD 9:16
We’re so excited to be able to do this for you, you know the folks over at Texas Pride. They went through all the videos, all the submissions to select this first trailer and when they came across yours they shared it with me, and we collaborated on, and we thought, you know, “Who better than a business like yours that’s been through what you’ve been through. And I gotta tell you, you know, you have a fantastic son for entering and thinking about that for you. You know, a lot of what I’d say kids nowadays, their minds are kind of set on doing just about everything else other than family and to see that your kids appreciate you so much and wanted to do this for you speaks volumes about their character.

Denny 9:58
Wow, I couldn’t agree with you more. The best thing I’ve ever done is raise my children. And that’s why I get up and go to work every day is for my family. You know, money comes. Money goes. It’s, you know, you can’t take it with you, I promise you that. And the legacy of your children is why you do it.

JD 10:21
Clearly your son has a talent for making videos, so maybe he can show us later the trailer actually being put to use. And use it, abuse it, and do what you need to do to make it work for you. And hopefully, provide you years and years of profitability, growth, and reliability.

Matthew 10:38
Awesome. Thank you. JD.

Denny 10:39
JD, thank you so much. I look forward to, look forward to seeing some more of your videos.

JD 10:44
Thank you. Thank you very much.

Matthew 10:46
Kinda glad I kept it from you. I liked your reaction.

Denny 10:50
I don’t know what to say.

Walter 10:53
We were hoping for a raised eyebrow and a dropped jaw. But we got a little bit more than that.

Denny 10:59
I don’t know. How did I react? Did I react okay?

Matthew 11:01
We’ll see in just a little bit, in a couple of weeks.

Denny 11:05
I don’t, I mean, I don’t know what to say.

Walter 11:07
Let me tell you, your reaction was amazing.

Denny 11:09
I had no idea. When I pulled up, and I see you look at me in the truck, and I see you smiling like a jackass eatin’ briars. And then I start seeing all the, everything else, the cameras and such and everybody smiling. I’m like, “Oh, God, what is this?” What have I gotten myself into? No clue. It’s awesome.

Walter 11:31
That’s awesome. So thank you, mom, for not spoiling the surprise.

Matthew 11:34

Walter 11:34
And thank you, Matthew, for actually pulling it off.

Matthew 11:37
And thank you. Thank you guys for coming out here and…

Denny 11:39

Matthew 11:40
Setting us up with it. I couldn’t thank you guys more, and all the people at Texas Pride, just thank you so much. It’s, this is truly amazing.

Denny 11:49
Definitely the best Father’s Day present. Hands down. Ever.

Matthew 11:53
And that beats the grandchild last year?

Denny 11:55
Sorry. Sorry, buddy. That was in March.

Matthew 12:04
Oh, yeah, that kid, she can’t carry 30,000 pounds.

Denny 12:09
She can carry a full, she can carry full diaper, I know that.

Matthew 12:15
The pride of Texas.

Denny 12:17
Yeah, the pride of Texas, proud. I’m proud of you, son, man.

Matthew 12:23
Oh, we got a tear.

Denny 12:24
Nah, that’s the sweat, sweat. Sweat got in my eye. It’s hot in here.