10 Key Features: 18K 7′ x 16′ Gooseneck Reeving Roll-off System by Texas Pride Trailers

Reeving Roll-Off System

In the world of heavy-duty trailers, the Texas Pride Trailer 18K roll-off system stands out as a beacon of versatility, reliability, and strength. 

Specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of various job sites, the 18K 7′ x 16′ Gooseneck Reeving Roll-off system with a gas engine is a testament to Texas Pride Trailers’ commitment to excellence. 

Here’s a detailed look at the features that make this trailer a must-have for professionals in need of a durable and reliable trailer solution.

Key Features of the 18K 7′ x 16′ Gooseneck Reeving Roll-off System:

Versatile Use: This system shines in its versatility, allowing users to switch between roll-off dump or equipment trailer configurations. It supports multiple skids and dumpsters, ensuring efficient delivery to various job sites.

Robust Construction: Built with an 8-inch channel tongue and integrated into a heavy-duty frame, this trailer guarantees maximum strength and support, essential for hauling heavy loads.

Safety and Compliance: Equipped with all required DOT safety equipment, including heavy-duty safety chains, a breakaway switch with a battery, and abundant reflective tape, this trailer prioritizes safety on the road.

Powerful Hydraulic Reeving System: At the heart of the system lies a power hydraulic reeving unit, operated by two 4” cylinders rated at 15,000 pounds each, ensuring easy and efficient loading.

Gas Engine: This durable system is powered by a 13.5 horsepower Honda gas engine, delivering unmatched performance. 

Automated Tarping System: A fully automated electrical tarping system simplifies load covering, featuring adjustable tarp height to accommodate various dumpster sizes.

Durable Frame and Tilt Mechanism: The trailer’s main frame is constructed from six-inch channel tubing, and the tilt frame from four-inch tubing with embedded rollers, minimizing drag and enhancing battery life.

Ample Storage and Battery Power: Equipped with heavy gauge diamond plate steel toolboxes, including a high-capacity marine-grade battery and an electric over hydraulic pump for reliable operation.

High-Capacity Axles and Brakes: Featuring two 9,000-pound axles with brakes on all wheels, mounted on 17.5-inch premium radial 16-ply tires, it ensures maximum stopping power and durability.

Superior Finish and Lighting: A thorough media blasting followed by a top coat of automotive-grade acrylic enamel paint ensures a durable and shiny finish, complemented by lifetime LED lighting for visibility and safety.

The Texas Pride 18K 7′ x 16′ Gooseneck Reeving Roll-off system is not just a trailer; it’s a reliable, durable solution designed for the demands of modern job sites. 

With its robust construction, versatile functionality, and advanced features, it represents a significant investment for businesses looking to maximize efficiency and reliability. 

Whether it’s for hauling equipment, dumpsters, or both, Texas Pride Trailers offers an unbeatable combination of quality and performance, proving itself as a leader in the trailer industry.

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